Ritzli-alp mountain chalet

Ritzli-alp mountain chalet

The mountain chalet at the Ritzli Alp is situated above the Col des Euschels, between the Lac Noir and Jaun.

It is a popular destination, with the restaurant having a choice of both hot and cold meals. There are specialities like the fondue « half-half », the Ritzli, Ritzli-rösti as well as ice-creams and drinks available to visitors and hikers. The hiking route from the Lac Noir in the direction of Jaun via the Col des Euschels, or vice versa, goes right past the chalet.

The view of the magnificent scenery and the surrounding mountains, including the Gastlösen, can be enjoyed from the large and sunny terrace of the restaurant, which is 200m above the Col des Euschels. Visitors that are not able to hike up to the restaurant can also reach it by car along a mountain road from Jaun. It is about 5km from the village of Jaun. There is free parking in front of the restaurant.


Ritzli Alp
1656 Jaun

+41 (0)26 929 81 24 (jusqu'au 01.11)
+41 (0)26 929 86 06 (du 02.11.17 au 12.05.18)