Chemin du Gruyère cheese

Chemin du Gruyère cheese

Follow the cheese mongers of the 17th and 18th century Charmey. At the time, the Gruyère cheese was sold in France. The cheese was transported from Charmey to the village of Gruyères from where they would part to France. The Chemin du Gruyère follows this first stage of the journey from Charmey to Gruyère by means of the Montsalvens lake and the gorge of the Jogne river. In Gruyère, you can discover how the Gruyère cheese is made at the La Maison du Gruyère. During the summer months, you can also start the trail with a visit in one of alpine chalets where to this day Gruyère cheese is made the traditional way in Charmey.

Distance: 12km

Durée: environ 3h

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