The ironworks in la Tzintre

The ironworks in la Tzintre

The hamlet called La Tzintre is known for its cheese cellars, the caves à fromage. For centuries, the local alpine farmers have brought their cheese to the valley to be stored in these cellars, making the hamlet one of the hotspots of rural activity in the Jogne valley. Today, only the cheese cellars and the ironworks remain.

The ironworks in la Tzintre first opened their doors in 1870. Back in the days, the ironworks not only provided for the cheese makers, but they also repaired the tools of the local woodcutters and shoed their horses, making the ironworks the heart of the activities in the valley. Both woodcutters and horses have now disappeared. The ironworks remind us of a time, when Charmey and the Jogne valley were an area of rural development.

Today, the ironworks remain just as they used to be with machinery and tools still in place. When entering the workshop, it seems as if the last iron workers closed the doors just yesterday. In reality, the ironworks were closed in the 1930ies. It is this rich history and cultural heritage of the valley, that Frédy Roos, the descendant of the last iron worker family in Charmey, conserves for the visitors.


The ironworks can be visited upon request.

Reservations can be made at the tourist office in Charmey.


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