Bakery “de l’Adde”

Bakery “de l’Adde”

In the calm of the Javroz valley, André Isenegger opened his small bakery. Every friday, André welcomes visitors to his bakery and shares his knowledge of bread making. And if you are lucky, you might hear a story about the valley or its surrounding mountains. André’s recipes are inspired by the old ways and by traditional bread making. He uses a natural yeast that likes to take its time.

All around the year, you can sign up for one of Andrés bread making workshops. Oftentimes, a shared meal cooked on the open fire is included.

Opening hours:

The bakery is open to the public every friday from 16h to 20h.

Charmey Tourisme
Les Charrières 1
1637 Charmey

+41 (0)26 927 55 80