Ski touring

Ski touring

Cross-country skiing is a fun alternative to regular skiing. It allows you to go to more remote and untouched places and to find some calm in the mountains. If you wish to ractice this activity on our slopes, it is imperative that you follow the schedules very strictly. It is strictly prohibited to use the downhill ski slopes either during the day or at night outside the indicated hours, as machines prepare the slopes with the aid of cables, which are a great danger for everyone going up or down as well as for the personnel preparing the slopes.


 Vitaski trail La CharmECA

An interactive trail with a timing system. Multiple exlpanatory signs teach you about cross-country skiing. This trail is constantly open all winter and can be used at all times.

Download the info brochure for the CharmECA trail

Dowload the map of CharmECA trail


Opening hours for cross-country skiing on the slopes (2018/19)


La Berra, le Brand – La Gormanda: 5:00PM – 10:30PM

Schwarzsee, all slopes: 5:00PM – 10:30PM


Jaun, all slopes: 5:00PM – 10:30PM


Charmey, le Ganet*: 5.30PM – 10:30PM

Les Paccots, all slopes: 17:30- 22:00


La Berra, le Brand – La Gormanda: 5:00PM – 10:30PM

Moléson, all slopes: 5:00PM – 10:30PM


Charmey, le Ganet*: 5:30PM – 10:30PM


Restaurant des Dents-Vertes

Nightly opening

*The Ganet trail is the yellow number 11 in blue on the Charmey ski map.


There are eight rules we recommend you follow if you want to go cross-country skiing:

  • You do so at our own risk (not really a rule, but good to know…)
  • Use only the edge of the slope for ascend. Advance in single file and pay attention to other skiers
  • Be careful when you approach the top, in case of narrow passages or steep slopes. Do not cross if there is a lack of visibility
  • Never go on trails that are closed
  • Do not use the slopes while they are being prepared.  
  • Always pay attention to your surroundings in case of avalanches
  • Never take pets with you
  • Respect car parking conditions

Office du Tourisme de Charmey

Tél: +41 (0) 26 927 55 80


Download the ski area map below

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