As a first in Switzerland, the Charmey tourism office offers ski-snowshoeing.
The advantage of the ski-snowshoe is its simplicity. No need for ski boots. A good pair of walking boots or winter boots is enough. The steps are more fluid and the descents become a real experience. As snow can be tardy in arriving at the beginning of winter, ski-snowshoeing can be done with a thin layer of snow. Furthermore, it can be practiced up until the last snow around Easter. So if the lifts are closed, yous till get to have fun in the snow. Our snowshoe&fondue experience can also be done with ski-snowshoes.


Prices for ski-snowshoe & ski sticks rental

Full day CHF 30

Half day CHF 20


Using ski-snowshoes off marked trails is not recommended. Before any trip, it is necessary to inquire about protected areas and quiet zones for wildlife.


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